Aerial Surveys


Aerial surveys are a cost efficient and fast alternative to traditional land based surveys. We utilise our state of the art “DJI Inspire” drone to carry out a range of surveys according to client’s requirements.


· ACCURATE – Areas are surveyed using high precision cameras for 2D & 3D imagery. Using the GNSS satellite system for positional accuracy. Imagery linked to the OS National grid and Newlyn datum by establishing Ground Control Points accurate to 1cm.

· SURVEY OF INACCESSIBLE / DIFFICULT AREAS – Inspection surveys of pylons, towers, wind turbines, roofs and dangerous terrain.

· SAFER – Reduce the risks associated with working at height which is one of the many major causes of industrial accidents.

· COST EFFICIANT – the speed and accuracy of which drone survey data is collected and passed onto the client will enable you to make better informed / quicker decisions – reducing costs and saving time. Removing the cost of scaffolding and rigging creates a more cost effective survey – savings of which are ultimately passed on to our clients.

· SPEED – large areas can be surveyed much faster than using traditional land based surveying methods.

From a drone survey we can offer aerial mapping, land surveys, topographical data, point clouds and volumetric analysis. 2D and 3D mapping/information (photogrammetry) is generated using the latest Pix4D software (see for further information).

Our surveyors currently hold PFCO licences.


We are CHAS, RICS, Chartered ICES and ISO 9001:2008 accredited ensuring our services, management procedures and systems are of the highest standard and always meet the needs of our customers.

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